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Artist Trading Cards
Artists Trading Cards
Introducing A Big Revolution in Small Art

Crescent® Artist Trading Cards

Artists all over the world are creating and trading miniature pieces of art and you can, too. Whether you are a novice or an experienced Artist Trading Cards (ATC) artist, you’ll
appreciate the variety, thickness and quality of Crescent ATC products.

With the help of ATC artists and community leaders, Crescent® has createda diverse line of products designed to respond to the needs
of ATC enthusiasts:

• Board-thickness trading cards, perfect for mixed media and won’t   bend or buckle when wet
• Assorted colors, patterns and textures
• Pre-cut mats for displaying ATC art
• Protective sleeves and film

What are Artist
Trading Cards
Miniature pieces of art
(2.5 x 3.5" to be exact) that
are created, traded and
collected by artists around
the world.

These 2.5” x 3.5” cards are the basis for miniature art. Crescent offers a huge variety of boards and paper ATCs for every medium.
Artist Trading Cards
Inchies (1” Squares), Twinchies (2” Squares) and Rinchies (1” Circles) are popular, smaller ATC formats. Create and swap, or use as embellishments on ATCs or Chunky Books.
Inchies, Twinchies & Rinchies
Pre-cut to ATC size, this Adhesive Board is perfect for mounting paper and digital print outs securely and
without a mess.
Adhesive Board
These larger, 4 x 4 Boards the newest trend in mixed media art. Layer, embellish and make your own Chunky Book or swap and make a collaborative book.
Chunky Book
Whether you are swapping or preserving your ATCs, protect your artwork and keep it intact with Sleeves or Film.

Protective Sleeves & Films
Display and preserve miniature art with these archival-safe Pre-Cut Mats that can accommodate one or more ATCs.

Pre-Cut Mats